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Better sales begin with better relationships

blog-clock Jun 29, 2018 1:40:09 PM

better-salesIs management of your sales processes and customer service a pain point for your brand? Creating strong customer advocacy for your brand requires investment of both time and resources and this can take away from core business functions. However, with Leading Edge behind the scenes and its years of sales expertise at your disposal, your brand can shine.

Leading Edge takes away the pain of the complexity of managing sales and services and in return creates strong customer advocates for your brand, to give it an ‘edge’.

We’re New Zealand’s leading sales organisation with sales channels including telemarketing, call/ contact centres, B2B, B2C, stores, face to face, online and outbound/inbound. Through these, we delivers end-to-end customer experiences in the form of after-sales services, retention, life-cycle management, loyalty and referral programmes through its engaged team of sales and support people who pride themselves of delivering a fantastic experience.

That engagement comes from our belief that better sales begin with better relationships, so we pride ourselves on fostering deep connections between people and brands.

People are helping with the experience of that brand, people are engaging with those end-customers and people are the centre of our service,” group marketing manager Chloé Lomas says. “So if you’ve got better people and better relationships, you will get better sales performance.”

With this in mind, Leading Edge has created a culture within its team that encourages them to do the best to be the best. It’s this emphasis on culture and putting people at the heart of the business that has seen us be a finalist in IBM’s Kenexa Best Workplaces.

Further engaging the team is strong and competent leadership, which Leading Edge sees as a business’s key competitive advantage. Group CEO Struan Abernethy says “building competitive advantage today is all about leadership – having the right people driving the bus is key, and ensuring these people are tightly aligned on values, ethics, and goals is paramount to success.”

Facilitating its leadership is Leading Edge’s unique leadership framework, created by the enablement team to measure and develop the leaders. We also host quarterly leaders’ days, which all the leaders attend to ensure they return to their teams with a consistent approach to the role.

Developing strong leadership within its team has been a focus of Leading Edge over the years and during that time we have developed expert knowledge. “We’ve got this rhythm that works,” Abernethy says. “And we know when something doesn’t work because we’ve learnt and we’ve gone through those years to figure out what we want to run with in the future.”

The benefits of that knowledge is something already experienced by Spark, for which Leading Edge is the largest sales channel partner. Leading Edge services Spark customers across several Business Hub locations as well as being Spark Digital’s nationwide sales channel partner. With Leading Edge taking care of sales and service, Spark can focus on its other core business functions, including product innovation.

It’s other partners, World Solar and n3 – Business Buying Power, are also experiencing brand and loyalty growth and from Leading Edge’s methods and values because as we say: “We sell and you succeed”.

To get in touch with Leading Edge and see how it can give your brand the ‘edge’, send us a message.


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