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Caring for your customer relationships

blog-clock Jun 25, 2018 4:27:55 PM

Creating-a-good-customer-experience-is-a-lot-like-caring-for-a-romantic-relationship-_752_6045261_0_14103107_1000Customer experience drives everything businesses do – and it all boils down to forming deep connections between people and brands. In fact, a good customer relationship is not much different than a romantic one. Your customers want your attention, they want you to remember the little things and they want your continued support.

So, how can you be a better partner to your customers? It all starts with understanding their needs and proactively responding to them. Let’s take a closer look.

Customer experience drives everything businesses do.

Remembering the little things

Once you’ve attracted the attention of your customers you want to keep it. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by remembering their preferences. An Accenture survey found that 56 per cent of consumers are more inclined to make purchases when a business recognises them by name. Companies that can offer product suggestions based off past purchases increase the probability of purchase further.

Businesses that align their marketing strategy with the right personalisation tactics not only create a better customer experience but a better chance of increasing sales as well – sounds like a win-win to us.

Giving them your undivided attention

While remembering the little things about your customers is nice, it’s not enough as a stand-alone strategy. Customers want to have an active relationship with their brands. One where they can reach out, ask a question and get a near-immediate answer.

In fact, one study by Lithium Technologies found that 38 per cent of consumers begin to feel negatively toward a brand if they don’t receive a response to their inquiries within an hour. Over 60 per cent of people expect answers to social media questions and comments in 2 hours or less.

In short – customers don’t just want your attention, they expect it. As such, businesses need to have the systems in place to be as responsive as possible.

Supporting them through the whole relationship

Customers reach out to brands predominantly for one reason: support. They want their problems fixed and their questions answered. Your ability to help them is critical to the relationship. When you have a killer product or service backed by excellent support systems for your customers you have a recipe for success.

This support doesn’t end after a purchase is made, it exists for the duration of the relationship via retention strategies, after-sale services and loyalty programmes.

Let Leading Edge Help

Just like real relationships, managing customer connections can be tricky but the reward is worth the effort. When you manage your customer relationships correctly the end result is an engaged customer base – and these loyal customers are proven to produce more ROI for your business.

When you manage your customer relationships correctly the end result is an engaged customer base.

A study by Bain & Company found that the longer you keep a customer around, the more they spend. Moreover, it is six to seven times cheaper to retain loyal customers than it is to acquire new ones. Investing in a long-term relationship with your audience creates a level of commitment that translates into concrete profit.

Here at Leading Edge we consider ourselves to be somewhat of dating experts. We help our clients navigate the tricky bits of these relationships so they can enjoy the benefits – and we’re in it for the long haul.

From marketing strategies to loyalty programmes to call centre support, we can manage these functions so you can focus on the fun stuff. To find out more about how Leading Edge can help you maintain a meaningful relationship with your target audience, reach out to one our reps today.

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