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How to shake that negative stereotype about salespeople

blog-clock Jun 25, 2018 4:19:15 PM

Why-does-your-sales-strategy-need-to-be-less-about-the-pitch-and-more-about-the-conversation-Well-tell-you_752_6052005_0_14109897_1000Your salespeople probably get this angry question a lot: "Are you trying to sell me something?"

Let's face it, salespeople don't always get the best rap and as a result they get shot down and hung up on. But these could be potential clients, so how can you change your approach to get better results?

Check out our tips based on our own values here at Leading Edge that will help your sales team shake that negative stereotype and make better business transactions.

Do your due diligence

No one wants their time wasted, especially not busy business people. This means that before you even think about picking up the phone you need to figure out who the right point of contact is. It's not always going to be the owner of the company. Depending on what you're selling it could be better to target the human resource personnel or marketing manager.

Either way, you need to understand why your service will be able to benefit them. You simply need to show that you value and respect their time and you'll be well on your way to a better conversation.

x_0_0_0_14101293_800A casual conversation with a prospective client will help make a sale better than a structured pitch.

Create personal relationships

Part of that research prep should be dedicated to finding a way to connect with the prospect as well. It's no longer really about the pitch, it's about the conversation. It might sound creepy, but you have ready access to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles these days, so you should absolutely use them.

Find a little something in common, or at least something that you can chat about to show that you care on a personal level, not just a professional one.

Don't stop trying to help

If you've followed the first two steps so far you're well on your way to good relationship with a potential future customer. However, if they do say no, don't stop your conversation there because that will make you out to be money driven. Instead, you want to close the conversation positively – never stop trying to connect with them.

End the call on a helpful note, even if that is just asking to stay in touch.

If you can end the call on a helpful note, even if that is just asking to stay in touch, you just might be able to come back and make the sale later on down the road. Some businesses just aren't ready to commit, especially if they are young, but once they come into a bit more capital they will appreciate your willingness to help.

Be careful with follow up

Once you've got interest in a potential client, always follow up with the appropriate collateral but be wary about the chase after that. If the potential client is really invested, they will get back to you. But if you get impatient and try to chase every other day, you're going to come across as too salesy and could very well lose the lead. You have to remember that multiple people might need to review the collateral, and that can take time. If you haven't heard back in a week or so, then you can follow up.

The follow up should not include aggressive language – it's just a quick query to see if they need any more information.

Of course, if you want a professional and dedicated sales team, committed to making your brand shine then you should work with our sales team here at Leading Edge. Working with us, you don't have to worry about the sales because we're making them for you. Now all you have to do is sit back and focus on developing the core of your business. Contact us today and let us get started on your behalf.


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