Sales Expense vs Sales Growth?

Leading Edge Outsourcing
Leading Edge Outsourcing

On average companies spend 20% more on training their salespeople than they do any other function. Yet the ROI is often disappointing. Studies show indicate that participants in traditional training can forget more than 80 percent of the information they were taught within 90 days. Sound familiar?

Sales training is no walk in the park – regardless of business size and industry. It relies on the input of specific skills and processes, built into business management, to improve systems and ensure sustainable sales growth.

It’s an ongoing investment that needs to be baked into an organisation. It’s a big investment with no guarantees of success. Reaching out to trusted external sales agency means you get access to expertly trained salespeople overnight.

Is Outsourcing Sales Right for Your Business?

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Greater sales growth is good – verbatim. Which is why outsourcing sales continually proves itself an effective means for all businesses – existing, start-up, age-old – uniquely positioning its services in line with current operations, processes, staff and working requirements. Think outsourcing, think innovation, a sales approach that . . .

  • Delivers on proven strategies and expertise to close sales.
  • Harnesses valuable customer data to achieve on targets.
  • Boosts inhouse productivity and revenue.
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Still unsure whether it’s time to re-evaluate your sales map? Here are few questions to bring it into focus…

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  • Your business steadily rolls out new products and services?
  • Your current sales team are struggling to keep up with managing sales?
  • Your business is experiencing rapid growth and your business model is being pulled every which way?
  • You need to target new customers and it’s challenging working with your existing sales means and processes?
  • You want to harness greater value from your existing customers but your sales model and measures are at a standstill?
  • You are time poor and need yourself and staff to stay focused on freeing up other areas of your business?

Want more reason to tune into outsourcing?

Click through to our Eight Reasons Guide to learn more.

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Check in to Outsource

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If it’s time to up the ante on your sales – align that sales funnel with your business needs and goals, or hand over the sales reins to a pair of hands well-versed in the game of customer engagement, or the day’s arrived to finally recruit an expert to capture those leads and allow you to focus on your core business – we’re right by your side. 

Give us a call and we’ll pop over for a coffee and a chat – you choose the time place and situations to sort and we’ll bring the answers and innovation.

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So, what do you think? It’s definitely worth a quick call to chat with one of our Growth Specialists to see if it’s right for you and your business. So what have you got to lose? (except 10 mins of your time).