Growth Strategy.


This will allow you to unlock the potential of your business.


We identify step-change growth strategies for ambitious businesses looking to scale.


About Growth Strategy.

We identify step-change growth strategies for ambitious businesses looking to scale. The reality is that 62% of New Zealand businesses don’t survive more than five years. That’s a scary truth, but the good news is that you can tip the balance in your favour by adopting a market-led strategy.

Unlike other advisors, we don’t focus on internal business improvement; our emphasis is on understanding the market you operate within and identifying opportunities for market-led growth. This will allow you to unlock the potential of your business.

We’d love to help your business thrive, so if you’d like to find out more, below are the strategy packages we offer…



Who’s this for?

  • Founder-owned businesses where decisions can be made quickly.
  • Defined and specific business opportunities, E.g. market entry.
  • Businesses operating in an established and well-known value chain.


A report that details your value chain and the players on it, along with several prioritised growth opportunity spaces that you could leverage. Workshops are used as a part of the process and to discuss the final report.

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Who’s this for?

  • Businesses where the decision can be made quickly.
  • Those looking to make a step – change e.g. transformation strategy.
  • Complex markets and dynamic value chains.


A detailed description of your value chain dynamic with a list of identified and prioritised growth opportunities. The report can be presented and discussed with the leadership team.

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Who’s this for?

  • Highly complex and emerging value chains.
  • Businesses looking for a substantial & transformational step change.
  • Director run businesses where decision making is made at multiple levels.


A bespoke report that fully details the value chain dynamics, the prioritised opportunity spaces & associated business case. Developed using multiple collaboration workshops – and presented to the leadership team and board of directors.

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Interesting right? 

Three reasons to develop a market strategy.

The market strategy process is a chance to take a step back from the day-to-day and focus on your market to look at what will really be driving change in the future. Critical to this is to be purposeful about your business journey. Part of our process is ensuring that your business is deliberate and informed in selecting the growth journey that you are taking.



Founders who either seek validation of their business opportunity or those who have already established themselves in market but are seeking to upscale their revenue.



Businesses who are in a growth mode but can see their industry maturing now or in the near future. They seek opportunities to diversify or reinvent their offer to capture a new growth curve.



When undertaking a major transaction, e.g. capital raising, acquisitions, divestments, JV’s or exiting. Understanding your market position can impact your business valuation and transaction leverage.

What our customers say about us!

Leading Edge manages our customers end to end. Selling, upselling, cross-selling, delivery and training of some of our people. They feedback on any trends, consumer insight or product opportunities. And they really partner with us to make sure we maximise the opportunities both for our customers and for Spark.

Grant McBeath
Customer Director

Companies that add the human touch to digital sales consistently outperform their peers. They achieve five times more revenue, eight times more operating profit, and, for public companies, twice the return to shareholders.


It is rare to find a partner with a such clear vision on how to drive value from tools such as You should be proud of the team you have and the experience and knowledge they have built around the toolset.

Robert Carter
Davanti Consulting

Leading Edge develops a sales culture that motivates the team to achieve results.

Jodie Beckett
Group Marketing Manager

Leading Edge have been amazing in their delivery and performance across the board. From project delivery, implementation of technology and migration of data they have provided a professional service with attention to detail, great advice and key recommendations for the business.

Zayyar Win Thein
Sales Manager
Crane Brothers

Every interaction with Leading Edge has added value to our business processes and systems. They've responded enthusiastically to any request for support, question, or challenge we've faced, and offered viable solutions in a timely and thorough manner. We've been trained to use HubSpot effectively and are confident in applying its tools to gain sales and manage our customer relationships proactively. 

Sam Dyson

Leading Edge came to help us with Lead Generation, or what we call first connections ... outsourcing something that is very precious to us. It worked because they are local, they see the same news as us...they invested in understanding our story and the current market conditions.

The impact made for us was significant... it's a good feeling knowing that Leading Edge is out there telling our story day in and day out.

Hamish Price

Leading Edge is part of our culture, part of our family, and part of our team.

Relationships are everything... we externalised our sales and Leading Edge did a great job.

They don't come in to change us, they came to be a part of us... They really put their money where their mouth is.

Bruce Pilbrow
Spirit of Adventure

What was appealing to me was it all came in one package... Leading Edge helped me attract customers and helped me convert customers, so I could focus on building capability. 

Leading Edge invested in training and quality control to look after my brand.

Unlike other agencies, you're dealing with really pragmatic people focused on outcomes.

Debbie Humphrey

Leading Edge helped us understand our market and channel... They were the only business who could deliver in scale and in a short time frame.

They grew really good relationships & trust.

Leading Edge made a commitment to understand our business... We gained a lot more insight on the channel and the market and gave our team confidence... with 15% increase in sales within 6 - 8 weeks. 

Tina Clyma
Lead Marketing Manager
Goodman Fielder

Leading Edge beat our target, made money for us, picked up leads we couldn't do for ourselves.

It's not sales results, it's how you sell... Leading Edge sells in a way, our values... getting 5-star reviews on our behalf.

I've worked with Leading Edge for 5 years and haven't regretted it... they're so open to being a real partner.

Darren Linton

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