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Spinify is a tool that helps increase employee engagement and workplace productivity by implementing a leaderboard approach that is fused with gamification and motivational psychology to empower employees to deliver accelerated performance. This web-based platform helps managers identify indicators that drive employee performance and motivates them with ABB (Activity-Based Behaviours).

With Spinify, management can set up goals for employees to achieve and configure target metrics to help evaluate individual performance. Leaderboards can contain elements such as progress bars and rankings to motivate employees to do more. Setting up leaderboards is a walk in the park and users don’t have to IT-inclined to fully maximise the platform. Once leaderboards are set up and running, it’s on autopilot, allowing you to do more and accomplish more.

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Motivate your Sales Team.

Sustaining a productive sales workforce is no easy feat. Costs to incentivise employees can cripple and navigating ever-changing working environments is challenging, but motivation is necessary to support engagement and deliver greater business growth. And, Spinify’s gamification platform does just that.

Spinify Gamification.

Spinify is a cost-effective gamification software solution with sales engagement at its core. Emotive gaming elements: leaderboards, scores, reward point stores, visual stimulus, all integrate seamlessly with workplace platforms, connecting employees in real-time and helping them to achieve beyond targets.

How Spinify Helps.

Spinify’s gamification elements gift opportunity for greater sales team growth, collaboration and achievements. Sales leaderboards showcase live-tracked targets; performance score cards and badges recognise daily, weekly and monthly wins; reward point stores deliver prizes that fit employee’s lifestyle needs and wants.

How we use Spinify.

Spinify’s results-focussed gamification toolkit helps our Leading Edge sales team to celebrate achievements in the real-time. Data-centric dashboards and performance ladders merge with our systems, strengthening collaboration and engagement – even when working away from the office – keeping us connected and the motivation stakes high.

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