Leading Edge’s Gamification Drives Up Team Performance.

Oct 19, 2022, Hannah Barraclough

When it comes to gamification finding its way into a business’ operations, many people might be forgiven for thinking, “Oh no, another digital tool to bump onto the list.” But what I believe this online concept can do for a workplace goes beyond numbers popping up on the big screen. It works to build a sustainable approach – steadily driving employee sales targets, and spurring teams to tangibly reach out and stay connected.

Essentially what gamification is focused on is incorporating gaming elements into a non-gaming context to improve engagement levels. As Head of Sales at Leading Edge NZ, I’m continually looking for ways we can leverage tech to up our performance stakes. Our company ethos is all about doing sales better than everyone else – so we have to maintain a high calibre of workmanship.

Spinify’s gamification software – with its lively leaderboards – really fits with what we are trying to achieve as a company. It has also been widely celebrated overseas, with real estate giants Harcourts and Re/Max in Australia both engaging its software systems – not to mention the likes of Coca-Cola, Dell and Deloitte. But it’s not just for the big guys, it works for businesses of all sizes.

At Leading Edge, we want to establish sustainable means for encouraging, inspiring and rewarding our employees – not running the gauntlet with highly-complex monthly campaigns that may have no positive long-term sales impact. I firmly believe it’s the core of gamification – consistently motivating and rewarding – that lends itself to a healthier workplace and ethic for all.

Although sales gamification leaderboards are still new on the Leading Edge street – we’re already seeing some huge positives amongst our team. When someone closes a deal they get a pop-up song and dance appear on their computer screen and up on the office leaderboard – an instant feel-good. And, because targets are now live tracked, our team can see where they are at compared to others, and where they need to be to by the end of the month to ensure they smash their commission payments.

Rather than viewing this greater ‘visibility’ in the office as a negative, our team are engaging with it positively – to stay challenged and continue working at their optimum level.

Having the sales gamification leaderboard concept hasn’t taken away from our traditional KPIs that our team members work towards on a monthly, annual basis in accordance with their specific roles and business unit. What it does instead is serve a more dynamic and responsive approach to achieving business goals. For example, we can quickly change things up to focus on a new product launch, tactical initiatives or additional monthly sales goals.

On top of this Spinify is flexible enough to allow a broad range of rewards. We see this as a huge plus because we’re conscious money isn’t the only thing spurring our employees into action.

It’s also a great tool for driving wellbeing. At Leading Edge we’re big on monitoring health and wellness because we know that stress can dominate in high pressure roles. Spinify helps us hit the big targets whilst ensuring our employees have fun and don’t burn out.

Simultaneously, gamification is proving valuable for our team beyond leaderboard action. It’s encouraging hands-on interaction amongst us and strengthening comradery. The positive spin-off from instantly showcasing a team member’s success up on screen – for example, closing a big sales deal – is that we, as a collective, can now go to their desk and give them a pat on the back, have a chat or bring them a coffee. Whereas, without sales gamification, it might have been two or three days before news of a big deal was passed around. Now, we can celebrate wins as they happen.

And, for those days we’re not all in the office to give someone a physical high-five (the majority of the Leading Edge team work from home Tuesdays and Thursdays) our gamification platform feeds into our Microsoft Teams so we can keep those virtual thumbs up and comments rolling in.


As for implementation and integration with our workplace platforms, Spinify has proven itself straightforward and limitless in its facilitation and delivery. It has seamlessly slotted in alongside our big CRM players – such as Salesforce, HubSpot and Pipedrive – and works effortlessly with all the main Microsoft products and majority of service applications.

To top it all off, implementation was simple and uncomplicated – and we’re not just saying that – which is huge positive when you are working in a fast-paced environment. Genuinely, we had all Spinify applications up and running within half a day, with minimal disruption to our operations.

Although we’re just starting out on our Spinify journey, we’re already seeing big gains. We’d highly recommend to it any business who is focused on strengthening and motivating their team better ways forward.

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