HubSpot 101 – The CRM in Step with Businesses and Their Customers.

Nov 8, 2022, Hannah Barraclough

Regardless of industry, size of your business or the environment you’re operating in, it takes more than a handshake and good faith to sustain your bottom line and secure customer loyalty.

To stay up with customer play, businesses have to play in their field – creating touchpoints of communication and interactions to ensure relationships are built and sustained for the long game.

And HubSpot’s CRM – Customer Relationship Management – system is Grand Central for business and customer unification.

What’s all the Hub about?

At its core, HubSpot and CRM functionality in general should be your “single point of truth” for all customer information, interactions, and engagement – no more having disparate data sets that don’t talk to each other, or massive gaps in your knowledge about your customers. HubSpot covers it all.

This is the essential tool for managing your customer activities, information and communications – all under one umbrella.

Each of HubSpot’s CRM products – Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub – link in together, ensuring all marketing, sales and management plays out as it should, when it should.

With HubSpot consolidating all customer actions, across all staff and workplaces, the guess game becomes a distant reality – no doubling up on communications, no headaches tracking customer status or failures to record customer information updates.


Spot the difference in your business

HubSpot creates lasting journeys, so whichever stage of the business/customer relationship you’re at – seeking, supporting or strengthening – there’s an in.

From discovering new customers, connecting leads and closing deals, to building layers of support and exceeding expectations, to personalising content and curating data – CRM covers all bases to grow and sustain your business, here’s how:


  • Marketing Hub – The place to grow big! Complete package software, converting website visitors into leads via inbound marketing campaigns – forms, landing pages, social media platform adverts and more.
  • Sales Hub – Keeping up with the connections! Tools to manage and stay abreast of your customers throughout the sales pipeline. From email tracking and scheduling, to document sharing, and in-app call tracking.
  • Service Hub – Maintaining close ties and exceeding expectations. Simple automation tools: email templates, meeting scheduling, live chats, to keep your customers at the frontline.
  • CMS Hub – Flexibility and personalisation at the fore. All-in-one content management software that pivots your website to your customers’ needs. From personalising pages, actioning SEO recommendations, to testing and analysing website functionality to enhance user experience.
  • Operations Hub – Aligning processes, empowering people. Seamless software that syncs all customer data and automates business processes, so you and your team stay up-to-date with all things customer.

One for all

HubSpot’s CRM platform doesn’t just harness the necessary toolkit to ensure your business stays customer-centric, it’s simple processes and straightforward measures link with all business models, shapes and sizes – everyone stands to benefit.

To learn more about HubSpot can help your business talk to one of our HubSpot experts today.

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