HubSpot’s Sales Management System - The Gold Standard of Sales Team Success.

Nov 15, 2022, Hannah Barraclough

Sustaining a top performing sales trajectory is no walk in the park for sales teams – with multiple customer tasks to juggle, track, and report on – focus and function are challenged daily.

HubSpot’s CRM – Customer Relationship Management – software delivers the essential products – namely Sales Management – to actively support your sales team, so they can concentrate on building the bottom line of business – customer sales and loyalty.

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Improved focus and workflow efficiency – customer-fitted to your sales teams’ unique workflow – is what HubSpot’s Sales Management system delivers.

The system syncs with your sales plan and business needs, eliminating all friction points, utilising tools to centralise customer data and actions on one easy-to-use platform.

This means seamless communications, greater transparency and enhanced user experience across the entire sales pipeline – a win-win for every salesperson.

Here’s how HubSpot’s Sales Hub supports every step of the sales journey:

Sales Pipeline: Automating tasks ensures data works together; automatically logging all sales/customer activities (including emails, calls, and meetings) to give teams full performance visibility of the sales pipeline.

Salespeople can action deals there and then with a simple click, track progress in dashboards, ensuring the customer journey is smooth and no sales opportunity is missed.

Reporting: With up-to-the-minute reporting, sales teams know when customer leads open or respond to an email, so they can initiate or reinstate communicate when the customer signals it’s the best time to call or press go.

Tasks – Sales management software automates where it should, integrating all customer tasks – call tracking, email tracking, meetings – allowing sales teams to focus on scheduling customer actions when the timings right, and follow up with prospects minus toing and froing.

Templates – Quotes, personalised emails, notes and documents can all be set up and shared seamlessly with HubSpot’s CRM platform, delivering a personal touch and saving salespeople precious time. Additionally, this robust customer library can be accessed around the clock, from any location.

Team management and transparency – Sales team success is dependent on open communications and unification. HubSpot’s Sales Management Playbooks – with call scripts, positioning guides and more, and unique account-based marketing – contain intuitive tools to ensure both marketing and sales teams stay on the same page.

Engaging HubSpot’s sales management system also has additional benefits - beyond just boosting sales and your bottom line. Having an efficient system that simplifies your teams work and improves results can help create greater team morale, team collaboration, as well as individual responsibility.

Instead of having to piece together individual and disparate systems and solutions, HubSpot works to reduce complexities via its automation, tracking, and reporting products.

The result? A transparent touchstone system that salespeople – team wide – can rely upon to boost performance and growth.

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