$7,999/month +GST + one time set up of $999

For medium sized companies with tiered pricing, and/or multiple products looking to book appointments or take payments.


  • 80 hrs of sales activity
  • CRM integration
  • Customer data enrichment
  • Payment processing
  • Advanced reporting
  • No fixed term

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It’s a great way to put your existing sales efforts on steroids. Perhaps there’s a market or product where your current sales results just need to be better? Or maybe you can’t keep up with demand and some of your marketing investment is being wasted.

The standard package works well for medium sized companies with tiered pricing, and/or multiple products looking to book appointments or take payments. But also, ambitious small businesses.

With the Standard option you get more of everything. The two most important ‘mores’ are time back and revenue for your business. With more time on the tools naturally we can cover more ground when it comes to following up on leads, closing deals and upselling existing customers.

In addition to sales, our sales people can spend more time enriching your database every time we touch a customer. This provides a rich data set for our analysts to glean insights about your customers, sales pipeline and products. This is the gold that can really drive business growth.

The standard can also be a way to assess whether outsourcing is right for your business before leveraging the full benefits of outsourcing with the Standard option.

The Set Up

The first and arguably the most critical step. It’s a one-off cost to set the sales people up for success. It means we can maximise bang for buck and deliver as much revenue as possible. Firstly, the set up involves understanding what we need to know about your business, offering, customer and the market place. We then distill this into online snackable modules for our sales-people. But it’s not just any sales people, we spend time building a team that’s fit for purpose and can best represent your business. From there we arm them with the tools they need for the sales floor. This can involve CRM, marketing collateral, nurture emails and reporting dashboards. Naturally budget comes into play but our aim is to work with you and your existing assets to make sure your dollar stretches as far as possible.

What you can expect each month.

Sales, reporting and advice. It’s a simple but effective recipe. Each month we will close sales, record and analyse the results and report back to you with any changes that we believe need doing. It’s not a ‘set a forget process’, it is one of continuous improvement and evolution.

faviconSales activity

Each month we will be working to get you sales, making calls, following up and ensuring customers are happy. We will tailor the exact work we do to suit you and your customers as no client is the same. We’ve learned a thing or two about sales over the years and can make sure every possible lead we can into a sale.

faviconCRM updating

Every contact we make and sale we complete will be logged in your CRM, ensuring you have the most complete picture of your customers as possible. We are able to work with all the leading CRM systems, if you need help implementing or choosing a CRM we can help with that too.


We take reporting very seriously, not only does it show you how things are progressing but it also allows us to see where we can make improvements, and where we should invest our time. We will build reporting dashboards that suits you, it’s based on industry best practice and years of experience.

faviconNo fixed term

We stand by our results, so we don’t think fixed term contracts are needed, or in fact good. We want you to like working with us, we want you to be blown away by the results and want to carry on working with us. We have been working with many of our clients for years and we’d love to add you to that list!

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why is the price “from”?

We get that every business and its customers are different. Sometimes this needs to be reflected in how we approach sales to get the best results. We’ll work with you closely before we start selling to make sure our approach will deliver the outcome your business needs. We’re upfront with our costs. No surprises. Zero greyness.

What about commission?

We’re sales people so we believe in skin in the game. We aim to put as much at risk as possible so our success is based on your success. For the first three months we have a retainer in place to ensure we can dedicate the best people to your business with a smaller performance-based commission layer. At the end of the three months, we’re in a position to agree a fair KPI. From there we drop the retainer as low as we can and put as much at risk as possible.

Is this the right package for me?

Good question. We speak to thousands of businesses across NZ and Australia every day so we’re well placed to quickly assess your needs and let you know which is the best package for you. Get in touch here.

What is the set-up cost?

This is a one-off cost which ensures we can set up our team for sales success. This means we can hit the ground running from day one. The set up involves building a team of people that are best suited to represent your brand. We then develop specific learning and development modules so they know everything they need to know about your products or services. We then arm them with the latest sales tools from CRM to real-time performance dashboards.

Can I upgrade my package?

Sure, we understand the business landscape can change quickly. Especially in the current environment. Our teams are nimble and agile so we adapt to the changing needs of your business.

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